Marijuana vs. CBD Oil: Facts And Truth

We have been hearing about CBD and cannabis for quite some time now. Both terms are often used interchangeably although there is nothing wrong with it. It is just that marijuana was a term often used in the past and is more associated with the negative stigma to it that experts prefer using the term “cannabis” in reference to the actual plant where CBD is taken from. While CBD is all the rage now, let us not forget that cannabidiol or cannabis can also be enjoyed recreationally for the mere purpose of enjoying yourself and getting lost in the unnatural high this plant is known for. And now is the best time to indulge yourself in this ancient remedy as there are countless options on how to take or use CBD oil and you’ll surely find one that works for you or meets your needs. It is hard to pick just one best way to use it since there are lots of new methods popping up now and then and it also depends on your individual taste what you’d like for yourself.

Nothing beats smoking, though, the oldest and preferred method by many when consuming hemp. The term smoking weed or pot was coined because of this. But thanks to modern technology, you’re options are no longer confined to plain old smoking as vaping is also a fast favorite among smokers these days. Then, many edibles and other oral preparations are likewise not just pleasant to look at but look and taste appetizing too that you probably won’t be able to resist grabbing a bite or two of these marijuana-infused cookies, gummies, or chocolates or even teas and other beverages. And it is not always all about CBD. There are many of them that are infused with THC as well for those who really have no medical need for cannabis but simply want to enjoy whatever THC is able to offer that CBD can’t. We’re referring to the psychoactive properties of THC that you rarely (if not at all) experience with medical cannabis.

Clinical Trials – Clinical Trials – Mayo Clinic Research will teach you a lot about the issue.

Smoking Pot

It’s no longer commonly called that way but smoking remains to be the #1 method for consuming indica as it is the fastest to get the THC that you want into your bloodstream. They go straight to your system (thus the effects can be felt in mere minutes if not seconds) because the cannabinoids go straight to your lungs and no longer metabolized by your liver like most edibles do. Studies actually reveal that it will only take several seconds for the THC to get to your brain since the human blood flows at a rate of 3-4 miles/hour. No other method of taking CBD can beat it so it is the reason why smoking is still high up on everyone’s list if their goal is just to relish the feeling of getting high without endangering their health and well-being than other psychoactive drugs can’t provide.

Now, you may have to pause for a bit and reconsider your options if you have a weak lungs since smoking remains to be a health hazard in your case. Feel free to smoke marijuana, though, if you don’t have any contraindications when it comes to your health as it is quick and gets you high in no time. Now, how do you go about in smoking it?

• Joints – arguably the most popular method in taking cannabis and give you your THC fix in an instant
• Blunts – closely resemble joints but are thicker and aren’t rolled with rolling paper or cigarette but of cigar papers and have more place for weed in it, hence more potent than marijuana joints
• Pipes and Bowls – is a more convenient way of smoking weed as you simply stuff in some of the stuff and light it up and you are all done but we warned of the slight aftertaste since there is no paper to improve its flavor but just be prepared to relight the bowls after each hit
• Bongs – when it comes to paraphernalia for your Mary Janes, bongs offer the most flexibility since it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes such as the gravity bong that traps the smoke in a holding chamber so you can inhale it whenever you want
• Bubblers – a.k.a. a bong’s mini version are handy tools that let the smoke cool down before it gets to your lungs
• Dabs – another term for BHO or butane hash oil, dabs are really potent cannabis extract you can smoke using a blowtorch and gets you high much faster than the other methods since the cannabis extract is highly concentrated and a much healthier and safer alternative than bongs or joints
• Vaporizers – give a modern twist to smoking weed as you make use of various vapes or vape pens that does not heat the marijuana but rather burn it making it the healthiest way of smoking marijuana

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CBD Edibles/ Oral Preparations

If you’ve crossed out smoking from your list but still want to benefit from marijuana, it is still not a hopeless case since there are plenty of edibles you can try that may not be as quick in getting you high as when you are smoking weed but just as good even if it takes a while for the THC to kick off. A lot of first time users want to know about the side effects of CBD oil which have been well documented to be few if any. While it takes longer to take effect (30 minutes on the average), bear in mind that the marijuana effects it triggers are potent and can last for as long as 6 hours after consumption. People suffering from chronic pain can also benefit the most from it but recreational users are free to enjoy the high it gives without feeling guilty at all. Examples of edibles are the following:

• CBD gummies and oils
• Capsules/ Pills
• Tinctures
• Sprays
• Drinks/ liquids

Unlike smoked pot, they are pretty much self-explanatory and speaks for itself. With CBD tinctures, though, you need to drop a few underneath your tongue to get the desired effects. Topicals can also be an option for you although it is mostly prescribed to patients suffering from certain body pains and aches as it relieves them of the pain. Moreover, you can’t get high when you apply THC on your skin, so this method is mostly for medical CBD users. Now, it is up to you to decide which method you like and enjoy the ride that only marijuana can give you.