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      1. Call today for a free estimate!


        Mirror Wardrobe Doors

        Images  click to enlarge

        Mirror Wardrobe Doors

        Any of our Mirror Wardrobe Doors will open up any bedroom. The latest styling and highest quality craftsmanship combine to make our Mirror Wardrobe Door the choice for your home to enhance the beauty of any bedroom.


        We have several styles to select from, such as the:

        • Heavy Duty Framed Unit,
        • Frameless Doors or
        • Bevel Edge Mirror Doors, constructed with 5/32” Vinyl Back Safety Mirrors.

        All of our doors are available in standard and custom sizes to fit your needs. Standard sizes come in widths from?5?to 16 feet and in heights from 6’8” to 8’0”. Choose from Anodized Aluminum Finishes of Chrome,?Brushed Nickel or?Bronze.

        Metal Finish Selections


        Brushed Nickel


        Email Your Designs for Review

        For a free no-obligation review, simply { email } your design to Atlas Shower Door and attach a PDF file of your design. You can also fax your designs to 916-641-6761 or call us at 916-641-6718, or simply fill out the form below:

        Contact Us
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