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        Heavy Glass Frameless Shower Doors

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        Heavy Glass Frameless Shower Doors

        The Heavy Glass Frameless Enclosure is an excellent choice for a clean look with elegance and class. It is available with operable vent for a steam unit as well as fixed splash panels. Our Heavy Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure is available in 3/8” or ?” tempered glass in a variety of glass styles and finishes. Our frameless package includes an on-site consultation, measuring, delivery and installation of an enclosure built to your specifications in a timely manner.

        Combination of the highest quality materials and our excellence in workmanship assures you of a beautiful shower enclosure that you will enjoy for many years to come.


        • Latest styling
        • Highest Quality Craftsmanship
        • 3/8” or ?” Tempered Glass
        • Frameless Door
        • Standard Thru the glass C-Pull handle
        • Optional Handles and Towel Bar Available
        • Clear vinyl strike and swipe Optional
        • Self Centering Hinges
        • Doors can swing both ways without strike
        • Variety of Glass Styles Available
        • Variety of Trim Finishes Available
        • Glass Clips or Aluminum Channel
        • Aquarium-Style Corners
        • Jagged Top Design Available
        • Available with European Style Header
        • Adjustable Wall Mount or Glass to Glass Hinges

        Metal Finish Selections



        Brushed Nickel


        Email Your Designs for Review

        For a free no-obligation review, simply { email } your design to Atlas Shower Door and attach a PDF file of your design. You can also fax your designs to 916-641-6761 or call us at 916-641-6718, or simply fill out the form below:

        Contact Us
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