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                Professional manufacturer for optical film /protective film laminating slitting machinery.
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                Quality proves ourselves, action creates value. Show you the most real JCD Machinery!

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                About us

                SHENZHEN JCD MACHINERY CO.,LTD-----

                Professional manufacturer for cutting machine/ slitting machine/ rewinding machine/ laminating machinery, which suitable for various adhesive tapes and non-adhesive materials.

                Our products are widely used in adhesive tape, film, paper, photoelectric and die cutting industries.

                Our main products:

                cutting machine, slit...

                • About us
                • About us
                • About us
                • About us

                Professional quality·Trustworthy

                Because of the specialty,So trust

                • One-stop solution

                  We have our own factory. And adoption of research& development, production, sales, after-sales as the whole model. To provide the more convenient services to all of you.

                • Custom-made

                  Before sales, our professional RFQ team will help to customize an ideal solution to create the higher value for you.

                • Order tracking

                  After get the purchase order, we will track the whole production process.To delivery the machine as soon as possible based on the best quality.To maximize your benefits.

                • After-sale service.

                  Our service team provide online & offline services. You can call for technical support in any time.